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My Story

My Story

Board Certified Sexologist
Certified Sex Coach
Board Certified Kink Conscious Educator
Bachelor’s in Psychology
Master’s in Education

I have been on a fabulous journey studying sex over the past few years. Although it has been an interesting and fun endeavor, my introduction to the field of sexology came about at a difficult time in my life…

My Story

I started my professional career in education as an elementary school teacher. Soon after, I married a hopeful entrepreneur and before I knew it we had three amazing children. Shortly after my second child was born, I decided to take a break from teaching and devote my life to my family, becoming a stay-at-home mom. I focused on raising my children while supporting my husband as he achieved his business goals.

Devoting my life to my family seemed to work well for the first few years. But before I knew it, I had become totally absorbed in my husband’s dreams and my children’s lives.

I no longer knew who I was.

There was no more me.

I barely recognized the woman in the mirror.

I was so unhappy living everybody else’s life. I found myself unsatisfied in my marriage and frustrated in my role as a mom.

So, I decided to take action. I knew I needed to find something that was just for me. I thought back to my teaching days. I loved being a teacher. I decided that whatever was next for me would include teaching. I also knew I wanted to learn about something that was really interesting. Sex kept coming up in conversations I had with my husband and with my friends around their relationships. 

And there was always a common theme…we never seemed to want to have sex anymore. Our sexual desire seemed to have gone missing! My friends and I often found ourselves trying to think of creative ways to get out of having sex with our husbands. Go to bed before him…wait until he falls asleep to get in bed…I have a headache…The kids are still up…I’m too full from dinner…I haven’t showered…I have an infection…I’m on my period…

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that at this time, I also felt completely disconnected from my husband. I felt like we didn’t know each other anymore. It was like we were living separate lives under the same roof. The times we did have sex felt like we were doing it out of obligation, or to check off a box that symbolized yep, we had sex this week – done. And when the topic of sex came up in conversation, you can bet it turned heated very quickly. We spent more time arguing about sex, than having sex! 

The truth was that I hated the way I felt about our sexual relationship. I didn’t want a marriage where I tried to avoid having sex with my husband! But I also couldn’t deny that I just didn’t have the desire to have sex. I began to do some research and I quickly discovered that sex was an area with which many people struggle. There are a multitude of reasons people struggle with sex, but the most common one among women is low desire. 

I was relieved to learn that I wasn’t alone! 

I decided to learn more about all things sex by enrolling in a sexology program. I focused my attention on understanding low sexual desire – the causes and the ways to overcome it. I figured at the very least, I could apply some of my new knowledge of sex and low desire to improve my own life, and maybe even help some of my friends who were dealing with their own sexual concerns.

Well, I learned that and so much more!

I discovered the most interesting things about myself, found the conviction to express my desires, explored ways to enhance my capacity for pleasure, uncovered a renewed satisfaction in my marriage, and most of all, I powerfully stepped into my sexual power as a woman. I rediscovered my sexual desire!

Once I became a board-certified sex educator and a board-certified kink-conscious educator, I decided to further my sexology education by enrolling in Patti Britton’s Sex Coach U program. I am also a Ph.D. student at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology working on my dissertation. Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot about sex and desire and I want to share it with you!

I know how life-changing the valuable information that I have gathered along my journey has been. I want other women to experience the sexual freedom and confidence that I have. So, I’ve combined my love for teaching with my interest in creating optimal sexual experiences into an actionable journey designed to help women reclaim their sexual desire and reach their sexual potential.

I would love to be your sex coach.
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