Finally, the education you need to ignite a spark of passion into your love life in just 12 weeks.

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Hey, did you know that Harvard University says that the number one thing that you can do to improve your sex life is to educate yourself?

 I know it sounds crazy because as a woman, the sex education that you received at school, home, or church was probably focused on abstinence only…

 Or maybe you were gathered into a room with other girls in your school and shown pictures of sexually transmitted infections in an attempt to scare you into not having sex…

 Or perhaps you were threatened with the shame of becoming pregnant outside of marriage, fearing being ostracized, or slut shamed by your friends or community…

 Or maybe sex was simply omitted from your education all together, sending you the message that it’s something to be avoided… 

 But the truth is, getting a positive and pleasure-based education is the key to having a great sex life and unfortunately, the deck has been stacked against you your entire life. 

I’m Jennifer Lopez, a sexologist, a certified sex coach, and a certified kink conscious educator. 

I teach motivated women the skills they need to ignite passion and intimacy into their relationships so that they have the confidence to create the love life of their dreams.

And I know that everyone’s dream love life looks a little different. Every woman has their own idea of what they’re looking to get out of their love life. This can range from learning how to have that first orgasm to understanding how to get down and dirty with kink in a safe and fun way. I’ve worked with women whose love lives were in trouble because they were struggling to get completely naked because they carried so much shame about their bodies, while others wanted to focus on how to cultivate more intimacy with their partners without interfering with their family obligations.

How do I do that?

Great Sex 101 (GS 101)

GS 101 is an education and coaching program where you will learn how to overcome obstacles caused by shame, how to boost your desire, how to create a mind-body connection, how to establish successful communication skills, how to create deeper levels of intimacy, and how to explore your kinky side in a fun and safe way.

And I know what you’re probably thinking, Jen I’ve done my homework…
If there was a way to ignite passion and intimacy into my love life, I would know about it.

While I have no doubt that you have read articles offering tips and tricks to have better sex, suggesting that you add some toys, try a new position, or dress up in lingerie, they aren’t offering you the educational foundation, or the skills you need to have the sustainable, thriving love life that you’ve always wanted.


Insight #1: You don’t need therapy to improve your love life.

If you’re like most people, when trouble arises in your relationship, you start searching for a therapist. You think that because therapists are professionals, they will be able to help you overcome your issues. Makes sense, right?

The problem with this is that therapists are not typically trained in sex related issues. Being trained in the field of sexology requires a separate certification and not many therapists have earned this certification. They’re usually uncomfortable talking about sex and will likely refer you out to a specialist.

Another problem with therapy is that it typically spends a lot of time in the past, focusing on processing early events that are causing your behavior today. This usually requires a tremendous investment of time, energy, and money. The therapeutic model is designed to keep you coming back into the office for many sessions.

Coaching, on the other hand, looks at what’s going on in the present moment and moves you forward to your end goal. It helps you move from where you are to where you want to be as quickly as possible. It’s a holistic and client-centered approach. So working with a sex coach takes on an entirely different perspective than seeing a therapist.

Listen, I know there are some pretty great therapists out there. I’ve even been to a few of them myself. Therapy can be a crucial part to working through past issues you may have. But where therapy falls short, is in the lack of an educational framework and training process that helps you get meaningful results quickly.

For example, have you ever gone into a therapy session with your partner, hopeful that you will get your issue resolved?

I bet it looks something like this…

You have an issue that’s causing a problem in your relationship…you reach out to a therapist in the hopes that you’ll be able to work through that issue in a session. You make the therapy appointment, which likely requires you to block that time off in your calendar, maybe even get a babysitter, or perhaps even reschedule some appointments so that you can make it to your therapy appointment. The day of your appointment, you walk into the office in a pretty good mood, feeling hopeful that you’re going to solve the issue that you came in for. You sit down on the couch, and the therapist asks you a few questions. After about 20 minutes, you get comfortable enough to really get into your problem. Either you or your partner start explaining the reason you are there. Let’s say your partner goes first, stating their case…

While this is happening, you are prepping your side of the argument in your head…as soon as there is a break in your partner’s speech, you interject with your side of the story. Then, your partner feels the need to interject on what you are saying and before you know it, you are having a full blown argument in front of your therapist. Suddenly, the hour is up and it’s time for you to go. Now you’re leaving your therapy appointment frustrated and pissed off at each other!

So, you went into therapy feeling pretty good and hopeful, and you’re left feeling angry and frustrated. Now, the rest of the day, or night, is ruined.

I can’t tell you how many women have this exact same experience.

I have had this exact same experience!

This is exactly why I love the sex coaching model.

Coaching is results oriented!

It’s designed to get you the outcomes you are looking for in a quick and efficient way, so that you are not coming back into the office session after session.

Insight #2: Your love life can be MUCH better

Your love life can be MUCH better than it is right now!

Maybe you’re thinking, my love life is pretty good. I’m happy and my partner seems happy, so we’re all set.

It’s great when things are going well…you’re making love regularly (for you), sometimes experiencing an orgasm (sometimes not), everything functions the way it should, your desire is still there (most of the time), you have a steady masturbation practice (right?) …what more could you ask for?

Well, the truth is, the women who are the most satisfied are trying new things, learning up-to-date concepts and discovering things about themselves they never knew. These women understand that our bodies, and our relationships, change over time. You aren’t the same person you were years ago, and you’re not having the same intimate experiences you were back then either. 

Although sex is a natural, normal, healthy part of the human experience, knowing how to create great is not.

So even if you are in a happy relationship where you make love regularly, the intimacy and connection can get soooo much better!

Now if you thought insight #2 was a little uncomfortable, wait until you read #3.

Insight #3: You can create an amazing love life by focusing on yourself, not your partner.

To be clear, I’m not saying that your partner is not an important part of your love life. I’m sure they play a pretty big part in it!

I mean, you are being intimate WITH them, right? They are touching you, kissing you, you’re melting body parts together…

It’s an experience that involves two (or more 😉) people.

But when we have a problem, I see many women tend to blame the problem on their partners. This then leads them into thinking that they need to do couples work to see an improvement in their relationship. So, they drag their partner to get help, and they go too (but only for support).

This is one of the biggest frustrations that I hear from women… they aren’t having better intimacy because of their partner, but the reality is that if you want to improve your love life, you need to work on yourself.

The relationship that you have with yourself is the most important one and it sets the tone for how you show up in your romantic relationship.

You alone can create the change you are looking for because having a great love life is 100% about you.

If you are reading this and thinking, “Okay, Jen, I get what you are saying and deep down I have a feeling that you are right about my love life…

I want to have more intimacy…
I do need a proper sex education…
I do need a sex coach.

BUT if having a better love life means investing time and money, I’m not sure if I’m ready for such a big step

I hear you, and I agree: it IS a big step. And sadly, it’s one that most women will never take, and because of that, will never reap the rewards…

But you know something?

You do NOT have to be one of those women missing out on having an amazing love life…

Because I’ve created a one-of-a-kind opportunity for women like you who are ready to focus on their goals, upgrade their love life, and take responsibility for the kind of pleasure that’s worthy of their time.

ALL without having to sit through hours of therapy or spending time arguing with your partner!

What exactly is GS 101?

GS 101 is a 12 week program designed to help you reclaim your desire, maximize your pleasure, create a positive mindset, and overcome the obstacles standing between you and the satisfying love life you deserve.

It will provide you with the training, activities, and the coaching you need to transform your love life in as little as 1 hour a week over 12 weeks.

Module 1
Overcoming Shame

You will eliminate feelings of concern or guilt over desires and feel empowered to embrace exactly who you are and what you want.

Module 2
Getting to Know Your Body

You will discover how to ignite desire while learning about your female anatomy and how it functions in order to maximize your pleasure and experience orgasms.

Module 3
Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!

You will establish effective communication practices, learn to say no to the intimacy you don’t want without disappointing your partner, and have some fun trying out dirty talk.

Module 4
Mind/Body Connection

You will uncover the ways that practicing mindfulness can help you become more aware of sensations in your body which will lead to increased desire and arousal.

Module 5
Time to Get Intimate

You will discover how intimacy can be the fuel to great love making, while creating a safe place to share authentic thoughts, desires, and vulnerabilities with your partner.

Module 6
Let's Get Kinky

You will experiment with parts of yourself that may be hidden and energize your love life by adding variety in a safe, consensual, and fun way.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll have the foundation you need to create the experiences that you have been dreaming of.

Are you ready to ignite your love life?

Here’s how the program works….

Enroll NOW and you'll receive the following

1. 12 week guided online video curriculum
Value: $1500
I have organized the curriculum into 6 modules. The modules will be delivered at a pace of one every two weeks. Each module contains 3-5 video lessons that will provide you with the training for the program. This is where the education begins!
2. At home activities for every lesson
Value: $500

Once you have been equipped with the education from the training videos, it’s time to take ACTION. You have to implement the training you received from the curriculum if you want to make a lasting impact on your love life. Every lesson has an accompanying at-home activity for you to do. These activities are meant to help you put your new education into practice. This is also where all the FUN happens.
3. Case studies
Value: $250
Want to see how other women, just like you, are putting their new education to work for them? The case studies provided with each module will give you real life examples of women who are putting their new knowledge into practice as they begin to transform their lives.
4. 6 Live group coaching sessions
Value: $1,200
Participate in live group coaching sessions designed to take a deeper look into the module topics. Group coaching sessions are led by me and are made up of other women taking the GS 101 program at the same time, so you’d be participating with women in the same program as you. These sessions will provide insights, support, and examples of women taking action towards their goals.

Total Value $3,450


Enrollment Open

GS 101 Program Starts December 18th, 2022

One-time Payment of


3 Monthly Payments of


Women who complete GS 101 see as much as a 300% increase in their satisfaction in just 12 weeks!

So what exactly does this mean?

At the beginning of the program, you take the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) questionnaire, which provides us with a baseline of where your satisfaction and functioning is starting out at. After you complete GS 101, you will take the FSFI questionnaire again, so we can compare your score with the score you got at the beginning of the program. On average, women who complete my program see their score increase by 300%

Imagine increasing your sexual satisfaction and functioning by 300%!!

Think about how happy you would be with a 300% improvement in ANY area of your life. You will immediately notice that your friends and family are commenting that you are smiling more often, that you’re carrying yourself with more confidence, and that you are laughing more easily!!

Deep down, you’ll smile, knowing they’re right. All of that is true, and the reason is because you are having the most intimate and pleasurable experiences of your life!

Is GS 101 for you?

This program is for…

Motivated women who are either single or in a happy relationship and want to put energy into their love lives.

Are you…

  • willing to commit 1-2 hours a week for twelve weeks in order to improve your love life?
  • looking to ignite the passion in your love life?
  • prepared to challenge your current beliefs about pleasure so that negative thoughts are no longer barriers to sexual satisfaction?
  • open minded and willing to try new things?
  • ready to take action and implement new practices in the bedroom?
  • motivated to rekindle the spark in your relationship?
  • ready to embrace your confidence in the bedroom?
  • interested in spicing things up in the bedroom but not sure where to start?
  • ready to prioritize your pleasure?
  • single and looking for a positive, pleasure-based education that you can take with you into your next relationship?

So that…

  • your relationship feels exciting again!
  • the frequency and the quality of your love making leaves you feeling blissfully satisfied!
  • you can experience more pleasure (in and out of the bedroom)…and more orgasms!
  • you get your desire back!
  • the foundation of your relationship feels stronger than ever!
  • you feel confident about yourself and how you show up in your love life!
  • you can communicate effectively with your partner about your love life!
  • you can experience deeper levels of intimacy that nurtures all aspects of your relationship!
  • date night becomes the highlight of your week!
  • you view sex as fun and exciting!

Then this program is for YOU!

GS 101 is NOT for?

Women who are looking to process sexual trauma.
Women who are in an unhappy relationship.
Women who are experiencing relationship difficulties (lack of trust, respect, compromise, etc.) and are not motivated to put energy into their love lives.

While these concerns can certainly have an impact on your love life, they go beyond the scope of this program.

Now, As You Consider Whether To Actually Click The Button And Enroll Now, Ask Yourself This…

Do I want to stay frustrated and unhappy because I don’t know how to help myself?


Do I want to wake up every day feeling fulfilled and satisfied, excited to start my day and looking forward to my next love making encounter with my partner?

It’s your call, girl.

But the clock is ticking, enrollment closes December 11th!

If you’re interested, click the link below to enroll now…

Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident in GS 101, that I offer a satisfaction guarantee. I am not satisfied, unless you are satisfied. That’s why, if you have completed all the training videos, done the activities/at-home assignments, and attended your group coaching calls and you are not satisfied by the start of Module 3 (the 6th week), simply send an email to and I will provide you with a full refund. It’s as simple as that.


I limit the number of women that I work with to no more than seven at a time. I charge $1500 in addition to the $497 tuition to add individual one on one coaching to the Great Sex 101 program. This includes 6 coaching sessions. If you would like to join the waitlist for one on one coaching please email me at  In the subject of your email please say “individual coaching”.

Approximately 1-2 hours per week for twelve weeks. This includes learning as well as at home activities.

No, my coaching is for women only.

No, this experience is designed to be about YOU and the sexual relationship that you have with yourself, which is the most important one!

Yes, the Great Sex 101 is designed for women of all sexual orientations.

You will have 180 days from the start of the session to access your materials. At the end of the 180 day term, your program access will expire.

Yes. If you have completed all the training videos, done the activities and at home assignments, and attended your group coaching calls and you are not satisfied by the start of Module 3 (the 6th week), simply send an email to and I will provide you with a full refund.  It’s as simple as that.

Yes, if you have a financial hardship and can not afford the tuition, please send an email to providing the details around your situation.

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