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Want to discover how a simple kiss can be the secret to putting a spark back into your love life?

The Conscious Kiss

A steamy little guide that will teach you how to share a kiss in the most intimate and delicious way imaginable. Sharing a conscious kiss can spark the passion and intimacy you’ve been longing for in your life.

Feeling like you and your partner are on different pages when it comes to your sex drives?

What is your Sex Drive Type, by Jennifer Lopez - Sexologist ebook Cover

Sex Drive Types

You’re not alone! Mismatched sex drives are one of the most common problems for couples when it comes to their sex lives. The good news is this is totally solvable! Understanding your sex drive type can be the KEY to having an active and exciting sex life. Check out my guide find out how!

Not interested in sex, but you don’t understand why?

Sex Drive Killers, by Jennifer Lopez - Sexologist ebook Cover

Sex Drive Killers

It’s normal for women’s sexual desire to fluctuate over the years, but if it’s been longer than you’d like since you’ve felt the desire to be sexual, you may be wondering what is causing it. Check out my guide to learn 5 surprising reasons your sex drive is missing.

Want to turn your relationship into a playful competition that will spice things up?

Sexy Bingo

I want to share a fun and playful activity for you and your partner to start TONIGHT! It’s called Sexy Bingo and it is your ticket to infusing your relationship with laughter, connection, and of course, some SPICE! Sexy Bingo is a twist on the fun pastime that will ignite a spark in your relationship AND deepen your connection.